New Delhi, Jul 14: The provision of security for the massive treasure discovered at Sree Ananthapadmanabha Swamy Temple in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram still continues to be an issue of concern for the Kerala government and the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court is expected to appoint an expert committee by next week to give suggestions on how to safeguard the wealth and how to go about creating an inventory of the precious jewels and gold idols found in the temple’s vaults.

With so much world-wide publicity surrounding the treasure and the temple, the Supreme Court wants to be cautious in its approach.

The state government has been spending a crore on security for the temple. It has put in place security devices and a control room has been set up with high-ranked police officer monitoring the temple round the clock.

The Supreme Court, however, said that Rs one crore provided by the state government was not enough to guard the Rs one lac crore-plus treasure.

Meanwhile, the decision on the opening of the sixth vault at the Temple’s cellar has still not been taken. The SC wants proper security in place and inventory of the treasure already found to be done first, before going ahead with the opening of the sixth vault.